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3 mistakes to avoid when starting the second business

3 mistakes to avoid when starting the second business

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Anyone who has already founded a company successfully (or not) can usually well imagine founding a second start-up. This blog post explains which mistakes should be avoided in order to be successful (also) the second time.

Founder mistake number 1: Founding too quickly

Anyone who has ever founded a company knows the processes. The inhibition threshold to start a business again is much lower. And that's good. But it can also be dangerous. After all, anyone who jumps in at the deep end too quickly and founds a new company runs the risk of not having carefully examined and weighed up all aspects. When setting up a second company, it is also important to obtain detailed information beforehand.

If you jump in quickly, you might not have enough time to think about whether this is really what you want to do in the next ten years if it's successful.

Founder mistake number 2: Overestimating yourself

Acting quickly can also lead to mistake number two: Assuming you can solve any problem. You think you have some kind of superpower. You've done it before, so of course you'll do it again. All of a sudden you see all these problems in the world that need to be solved and you think you are the right person to solve them. But that also leads to looking at opportunities that don't necessarily suit you. Not all challenges in this world are a suitable business case.

Founder mistake number 3: Wanting to do everything on your own

Something that all founders will probably notice in the course of their entrepreneurial life is also one of the most important lessons of all: You don't have to be able to do everything on your own. And that is exactly why it is very advisable not to found a company all by yourself. Find someone who complements your knowledge, who is strong in areas that you are not (yet) very familiar with. Someone who believes in the vision with you and helps you get started!


  • Entrepreneurs often found several companies
  • In order to be successful (also) the second time, common mistakes should be avoided
  • It is important not to set up a company too quickly
  • You should never overestimate yourself
  • You don't have to do everything alone - co-founders are an important support

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