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Numarics is the innovative all-in-one accounting solution for fiduciaries that prioritises efficiency and secure handling of sensitive data. With Numarics, we offer you state-of-the-art software that not only automates your accounting tasks, but also provides you with a connected platform to help you streamline your workflows and provide better service to your clients.


Transform your accounting into an efficient and secure process

Connected all-in-one platform

With Numarics, you have everything you need to manage your clients' accounting in one place. From storing receipts to generating reports, everything is seamlessly integrated.

Secure document management

Securely store important documents in our DocuBox. Our highly secure platform keeps sensitive information protected and digitally accessible at all times.

Real-time transaction overview

With bank integration, all your clients' transactions are immediately visible. This means that you are always in control and can reconcile transactions instantly.

Automate tasks

Save time and reduce errors by automating recurring tasks.

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Are you ready to take your service to the next level?

With Numarics, you have the opportunity to simplify and digitize your workflows, save time and better serve your clients. Discover today how Numarics can help you rethink your accounting and achieve your goals faster.



Is Numarics suitable for trustees of all sizes?

Absolutely! Whether you work alone or manage a large trustee firm with up to 100 employees, Numarics adapts to your needs and supports you in your daily work.

How secure is the data with Numarics?

The security of your data, which is all stored in Switzerland, is our top priority. Numarics uses cutting-edge encryption technologies and provides a secure platform to protect sensitive information.

Can I customize the software to meet my clients' needs?

Yes, Numarics offers a wide range of options for customization to ensure that the software is perfectly tailored to your clients' needs. From custom reports to user-defined account settings, we can help you provide a superior service to your clients.