Questions about Numarics

Frequently asked questions

How long does the onboarding take?

It depends on what documents you have available and how quickly you can provide them. Onboarding is relatively quick and takes about 10 minutes via the app.

How can I use Numarics' services?

Click on Register Company. Once you have an account with us, you can connect your business, and then we'll get started.

How much does the Numarics service cost?

It depends on the service package you choose. You can find an overview of our services here.

How many companies can I connect to Numarics?

You can connect multiple companies with us and have a complete overview.

Do I need an accountant or a software solution in addition to Numarics?

No. We offer a fully integrated, digital Accountant. So you also have your accountant. Our ecosystem consists of an optimal mix of people and machines and you pay only once. You take care of your business - we take care of the rest.

Why do I need the Mobile/Web App?

Our mobile app allows you to have all important information about your business always at your fingertip. There you can find the key financial figures, your documents, scan receipts and see if you still have to do something so that your accounting is up to date. In addition, we get in touch with each other via the app.

What is the DocuBox for?

It is a document archive and provides you with an overview of all important documents. You can destroy the documents that you scan with our app after they have been posted, as we archive them in the correct format in accordance with the law. You will find more information here.

Can I connect my company bank account to Numarics accounting?

Yes, you can. We are constantly expanding the list of connected financial institutions.

Can I also create QR code supported invoices at Numarics?

We are planning to offer invoicing including QR codes.

Can I start a new business with Numarics?

Yes. We offer you a full startup service including a notary. Contact us.

Who is the typical customer of Numarics?

We have developed Numarics specifically as a digital ecosystem for all SMEs.

Why use Numarics instead of "traditional” fiduciaries?

We offer a fully integrated, digital Accountant. With that, you also have the fiduciary. With Numarics you get the optimal mix of man and machine - and pay for all services at once. So you can focus on your business.

Is Numarics suitable for me?

We helped develop our digital ecosystem specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. We offer our services to startups and micropreneurs. If you have two employees or more, you are an enterprise.

How does the Numarics start-up service work?

1. We guide you through our onboarding process and get your business up and running faster than you can imagine. Start your business here.

2. We give you all the tools you need for straightforward business management and business banking. From simple invoicing to digital document management.

3. We always keep an eye on your accounting. When something needs your attention or you need to send important documents, we'll remind you. With Numarics, you're guaranteed not to miss any deadlines!

Will Numarics support me in setting up a company?

Yes, we will be happy to assist you with the foundation of your company.

What kind of companies can I start through Numarics?

Whether you are a sole proprietorship, a corporation, or a limited liability company: We can help you start your business in any legal form.

How can I close my company?

With us, you have your business under control and recognize problems early. Should it still come to that, we will find a quick and uncomplicated solution for you.

Is Numarics really free?

The 30-day trial version (incl. all features) is 100% free and without any obligations. After 30 days you can either switch to the paid premium version or continue to use our scanning, DocuBox, and invoicing tool for free.

Does Numarics save business costs?

Yes. Numarics is the most cost-efficient administration solution in Switzerland thanks to the high level of technology and automation of processes. Software is eliminated and accounting is done seamlessly via app. From this, valuable financial forecasts are provided by artificial intelligence in the dashboard.

How do I create offers and invoices?

Our digital offer and the invoicing system save you a lot of time. You can create offers and invoices in the blink of an eye and have them sent automatically by e-mail as PDF files.

How do I know that my data is safe?

We adhere to the Swiss data protection regulations. To ensure that customer data is protected in the best possible way, we use the latest technology and encrypt all data during transmission.

Can I create QR code supported invoices at Numarics?

Yes! Our invoice generator creates the for Switzerland mandatory QR payment section.