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Starting a new business? Go pro from day one. Avoid the common pitfalls and set yourself up for success with expert guidance. Our team will make sure you're on the right track, taking care of the hard stuff so you can focus on your vision. Start with confidence, backed by the best.

Founding a company
Founding a company

What we do

Founding A Company

Our optional company start-up service is the key to realizing the dream of owning your own business without the stress and uncertainty.


Importance of a strong business partner

Together we realize the dream of founding a company and lay the foundation for future success.

Expertise and experience

Setting up a company can be a complex and challenging task. With an experienced partner at your side who has expertise in the areas of company formation, law and finance, you can overcome obstacles and make the right decisions.

Digital business management

Start with Numarics and you'll have everything you need. Enjoy a strong, experienced partner and a comprehensive digital platform for all your business management needs, all in one clear, digital space.

Saving time

The preparation and realisation of a company foundation requires time and commitment. An experienced partner can save valuable time by making the process efficient and smooth.

Legal compliance

Compliance with legal requirements when setting up a company is crucial. A professional partner knows the laws and regulations and ensures that everything is done in accordance with current regulations.

Financial planning

A strong partner helps with financial planning and ensures that the finances are right from the start. This includes drawing up a realistic business plan and securing financing.

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