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Contact management made easy

Our CRM system is not only digital, but also mega-flexible – accessible from anywhere via the app. Products and services can be tagged with images, prices and attractive discounts. The highlight? You can integrate the items directly into your offers and send them from the app in no time at all. Simple, smart and totally practical – that's how it works today!

Maintain contacts, products and services

Network maintenance made easy

Master your customer management

Easily create and manage contacts or companies, add offices and contact details, all in one place. Keep track of everything at the client level, making client management a breeze.

Individual prices

Special offers for special customers

Set specific prices for individual customers - perfect for showing appreciation and strengthening relationships. The individual price is automatically applied on invoicing - simple and customer-centric.

Strengthen customer loyalty

Set individual discounts

Show your appreciation with personalized discounts for your contacts. A personal touch that builds loyalty and retention.

A direct route to success

Send quotes and invoices

Send quotes and invoices directly to your contacts. Efficient, fast and targeted for seamless communication.

Financial overview per contact

Keep track of outstanding payments

Track financial interactions with each contact. See at a glance which invoices are paid, open or overdue.

lets work

Are you ready for the new business class in the world of administration?