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All documents at your fingertips

Diagrams that clearly show income and expenditure are something special. We are certainly among those who no longer want to use a calculator. Neither do you? Then we have the solution.

Office of the future


Document scanner on the go

Turn your phone into a powerful scanner. Snap photos of documents, receipts and invoices and upload them directly to the cloud.

Freedom in the cloud

Unlimited storage

Store everything your business needs without worrying about running out of space.

Team play with control

Individual access rights

Make teamwork effective and safe. Set individual access rights for each team member and keep a firm grip on the reins.

ORGANISE with system

Tagging and Filtering Finesse

Find what you need with just a few clicks — organization has never been more stylish.

Artificial intelligence, real relief

AI Labeling suggestions

Let our AI help you. Automatic recognition suggested markups simplify document management and help you work smarter.

master multitasking

Share and edit documents

Share, edit, download, archive, or delete multiple documents at once. A multitasking dream that saves time and increases productivity.


Digital mailbox integration

No more paperwork from physical letters with the digitized mailbox.


Are you ready for the new business class in the world of administration?