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Accounting Services Agreement Overview

Scope of Services

Under the Sole Proprietorship plan, tailored for service-based businesses, the Service Provider will offer comprehensive accounting services to the Client, encompassing the following areas:

1. Financial Accounting Management: Overseeing the Client's financial accounting needs.

2. Digital Communication: All interactions are conducted digitally, without phone or face-to-face contact. All in-app chat contact with our Customer Success team is included in the flat rate. Our Customer Success Team will respond to your request. If you require face-to-face or telephone contact or advice from our fiduciary experts, they are also available. Personal/telephone contact with our experts, as well as one-to-one advice, is charged on a time and material basis. Please see our hourly rates at the end of this section.

3. Bank Payments/Connection: Facilitating bank payments via a secure bLink/EBICS connection, excluding cash payments. Our Customer Success Team supports you in this process.

4. Invoice Management: Generating and sending outgoing invoices using the NumaricsApp.

5. Expense Recording: Scanning and recording incoming invoices, expenses, and other financial transactions through the app. If receipts are missing, they are booked without VAT (Vorsteuer).

6. Annual Financial Statements: Preparing annual financial statements in line with the Swiss Code of Obligations, including ordinary AGM minutes.The annual financial statements are prepared once a year. This is done on the condition that all documents relevant to the year-end closing are accessible in the DocuBox. An individual closing analysis/discussion is not included in the flat rate, but can be arranged as an optional service.

7. VAT Services: Handling quarterly VAT declaration and accounting.

8. Tax Return Preparation: Preparing regular corporate tax returns. Special matters such as tax separations (Steuerausscheidungen), dividend payments, etc. are not included in the flat rate and are invoiced on a time spent basis (when required).

9. Payroll Accounting: Managing monthly payroll data, payslip preparation, end-of-year salary statements as well as yearly salary declarations. Cross-border cases are not included in the flat rate. Included in the Sole Proprietorship package are:
- Processing of monthly payroll data / changes for employees, 1x payroll run per month
- Preparation of monthly pay slips incl. monthly transmission of withholding tax
- Creating and checking the annual wage statements and
- Preparation of the payroll statement incl. year-end declarations
- Creating the posting voucher for the accounting department
- Sending pay slips by e-mail (costs for IncaMail, Briefbutler etc. borne by the client)
- Wage payments XML
- Registration and deregistration of QST
- Withholding Tax Declaration (incl. registration and deregistration)
- End of the year declarations AHV, UVG, KTG 
- Salary Certificate

In addition, unless otherwise agreed, the salary payment date is the 25th of each month. All changes must be communicated unsolicited by the 15th of the month, otherwise it is assumed that the month in question can be settled without changes. 

10. Payment of our services: The payment method for our services is that the fee is to be paid in advance in the form of monthly invoices.If these conditions cannot be met, we will be pleased to make you an individual offer (if personal communication / cash / invoices from another software / etc.).

Our hourly rates

Documents Required for Onboarding
For a smooth onboarding process, the following documents are required:
• Annual financial statements from the last 3 years in PDF format (Annual financial statement + balance sheet, if available)
• Account details/account journal (last 3 years) in PDF format.
• AGM minutes for last 3 years
• Share capital book and cap table
• Rental agreements and leasing contracts
• Other significant contracts, if available
• Cumulative payroll journal for last 3 years and pay slips for the last year
• Salary certificates for the last 3 years
• Employee questionnaire or personnel master data from the salary program.
• Pension fund policy and UVG/UVGZ/KTG policies with the ELM Profiles
• Documents for short-term and long-term interest-bearing liabilities, including bank loan agreements, loan agreements, and subordination agreements.
• Other current and non-current liabilities documents.
• VAT semester statement and sales reconciliation (Umsatzabstimmung) for the last three years / Access to ESTV-Portal
• Copy of the corporate tax returns as well as the corresponding tax assessments for the last three years