Achieved 5-figure savings, 75% time cut in financial tasks

Client overview

V. Bunjaku GmbH, a thriving Swiss business, has established a successful partnership with the renowned Valora AG since 2019. Under their management, they operate two petrol stations and two train station shops. This partnership has spurred other entrepreneurial ventures within the family, leading to similar-oriented companies, which together with V. Bunjaku GmbH, partner with Valora AG to manage a total of ten sales points. Their development showcases their dedication and entrepreneurial prowess.

Why Numarics?

The primary driving force behind their decision to adopt Numarics was its cost-effectiveness combined with the digital convenience it offered. The integration process for them was swift and straightforward.


The challenge

Overcome independent accounting

Before Numarics, they undertook their accounting independently without any digital backing.

Reduce manual errors

This approach was not only time-consuming but also made them susceptible to manual errors.

Streamline Operations

Each month, a whopping 5 days were devoted solely to sorting, responding to messages, deposits, and calculations.

Overcoming Daily Challenges

Every day was filled with a myriad of tasks that tested their patience and organizational skills.

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Benefits of using Numarics

75% time reduction

Since implementing Numarics, the time spent on their financial tasks has been drastically reduced by 75%.

From 5 days to 1.5

What used to take them 5 days each month now only requires approximately a day and a half.

Saving money

In monetary terms, they've seen savings in the five-figure range, signifying a substantial financial benefit from using Numarics.


The client specifically values the digitalization aspect of Numarics and likens their association with Numarics to being part of a family.

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The results

Their collaboration with Numarics has not only streamlined their financial operations but also positively influenced other areas of their business.

The client proudly shared that every business to whom they recommended Numarics has been immensely satisfied.

The client proudly shared that every business to whom they recommended Numarics has been immensely satisfied.

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The future starts now. With Numarics to more success, better decisions and more time for the core business.

Success stories

3'500+ companies trust us

Thanks to Numarics' services, we have more time to concentrate on our core business. Bookkeeping and the preparation of half-year and annual financial statements are completed promptly and with minimal effort for us.

Nicola Plain


We are so glad to have Numarics as our trustee and accountant. They are a very capable, dynamic, and agile young company with great customer-friendly solutions. We know they will be our partner for all challenges in the future!

Melanie Bachmann

Managing Director,
MHC Life Science Solutions GmbH

We are incredibly grateful and happy to have chosen Numarics as our trust company for our restaurant. Their professional and knowledgeable team has helped us to efficiently manage our accounts and finances. Their professional approach and tailor-made solutions have given us the confidence that our restaurant is in the best of hands.

Rosa Dede

Managing Director,