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What is a business operating system (OS)?

Business Operating System

Streamline your finances with Numarics' AI-powered solution

Why Numarics is developing an OS instead of software and why that is the future of entrepreneurship


Success in business comes from efficient administrative work processes. This applies to every company, regardless of size or sector.


The entrepreneur, who has set himself up with the finest craftsmanship, needs time to implement visionary design. In order to be profitable, offers and invoices must be prepared and the bookkeeping must be kept clean. If these administrative tasks take up too much time, he can dedicate much less time to his actual work.


In a medium-sized company, administrative tasks multiply even more. Every department and every employee must have expenses and expenses approved, documented and booked.


In order to be able to handle administrative tasks in general, large companies constantly conduct market research on suitable software and then implement and connect the software from different providers to put together a business operating system consisting of various parts. Unfortunately, this requires a great deal of effort, the integration of the various software components poses major challenges and training must be provided for every software.


If the artisan as a small business is already frustrated with the increasing administration, even the medium-sized company, despite more available resources, does not have a satisfactory solution ready.


The problem lies in the first step of finding a solution if there is a mistake in thinking.


Established companies have been involved in digitization for years and are trying to convert paper into pixels. Word processing, spreadsheets and emails are transferred to software solutions or executed directly there — still manually, with manual intermediate steps, errors and isolated.


In doing so, technology can automatically remove large parts of the value chain in corporate management - in real time - and in doing so create valuable current conditions and forecasts.


That is Numarics' claim. At Numarics, we build a business operating system that thinks in terms of processes instead of software solutions. Within Numarics OS, renowned financial and business experts implement process automation with artificial intelligence, which are then simply carried out by themselves in the background.

Practical examples of the Numarics OS application

An example: A customer appointment at a restaurant that represents a business expense with a receipt and was paid with a bank card.


Numarics OS automatically recognizes the document as a receipt for business expenses and compares this with the bank transaction. The entrepreneur scans the paper receipt directly in the restaurant using the Numarics app. Numarics assigns the document to the issue, books it as customer representation expenses to the entrepreneur's accounting department and stores the paper document digitally in the Numarics DocuBox. In the future, it will no longer be necessary to store the physical document.


Another example: A startup hires its first employees. Numarics records employee data once and payroll payments and payroll are automated. Payroll statements are created once a year, but the startup founders don't have to think about them. Numarics takes over the salary reports and sends them to the relevant social insurance companies. Numarics OS simply does not work in isolation.


A third example: Our artisan uses Numarics' automated offer preparation and sends them to other future customers. By accepting the offer, our artist starts working and sends an advance invoice for his services at the push of a button. Numarics recognizes when this has not yet been paid within the usual period of two weeks and allows the craftsman to send a payment reminder at the push of a button. Everything via mobile app or web application — anywhere and anytime, at the time and place that suits you best.


Do you see the difference between an integrated business operating system and a selection of software that is used for different areas of administration? Numarics OS fits seamlessly into the lifestyle of today's entrepreneurs. This can give you the decisive advantage of success.

The benefits of process automation

Today, inefficient business processes are costly. We improve profitability for founders. Entrepreneurs discover automation options that can be used immediately and have more time for the essentials. We can proudly say that Numarics OS increases productivity.


Looking at process automation enables entrepreneurs to work more strategically. Valuable financial figures are available in real time, and so are the management consultants at Numarics, who can answer strategic questions at the push of a button.


We are working on this one-stop shop solution and we are looking forward to getting to know you and your company!

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