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The survival rate of newly founded companies in Switzerland: A look at the statistics

Survival rate of newly founded companies

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In the dynamic Swiss economy, newly founded companies form the backbone of innovation and economic growth. However, every new company faces the challenge of standing their ground and surviving in a highly competitive environment. The survival rate of newly founded companies is an important indicator of a country's economic climate and entrepreneurial friendliness. The present analysis is based on data from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) and provides an in-depth insight into the survival rates of start-ups in Switzerland.

Survival rates at a glance

According to the BFS, 49.2% of new companies founded in 2015 survived the first five years. This figure reflects the resilience and adaptability of start-ups in Switzerland and shows that almost half of the newly founded companies survive on the market despite various challenges.

Überlebensraten neu gegründeter unternehmen nach

Industry-specific trends

It is interesting that survival rates differ significantly between the various sectors. Health and social services proved to be particularly robust, with a survival rate of 61.8% after five years. In comparison, the survival rate in the hospitality and accommodation sector was only 38.9%, which illustrates the different market conditions and challenges in the individual sectors.

Branchenspezifische Trends

Influence of company size

The size of the company when it was founded also plays an important role. At 63.6%, companies with 10 or more employees had the highest survival rate after five years. For one-person companies, on the other hand, the rate was 47.5%. This data suggests that resources and the ability to take advantage of economies of scale are important factors for a company's long-term survival.

Regional differences

Regional differences are also remarkable. With survival rates of 51.7% and 50.2%, companies in the Zurich region and in the Lake Geneva region show above-average stability after five years. This could be due to the economic strength of these regions and the availability of supporting resources and networks.

In contrast, less than 80% of all companies in Eastern Switzerland survive the first year.

Regionale Unterschiede


The analysis of the survival rates of newly founded companies in Switzerland provides valuable insights for future founders, investors and policy makers. It shows the importance of industry choice, initial company size and location for the success of a start-up. These findings can help develop targeted strategies and support mechanisms for start-ups and thus further strengthen Switzerland's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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