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The Superpowers of Solo Self-Employed People

Superpowers of solo self-employed people

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Entrepreneurship is booming. In 2021, more than fifty thousand new companies were founded in Switzerland. More than ever before. Most of them are individual start-ups. But the superpower of sole proprietors lies not only in the number.

Solo entrepreneurship has strong benefits and research with self-employed people has shown that certain patterns and ways of thinking lead to success. We would be happy to present them to you here.

One thing in advance: The lessons you learn when setting up your own business are invaluable. Designing work steps effectively and planning them profitably are the most important skills you will acquire.

All solo founders have limitations and superpowers. To be successful as a solo self-employed person, it is important to know your limitations, but to focus on your superpowers.

Here we'll give you examples of the success mindset, in which restrictions become superpowers:

Mindset Limitation: Limited Capital

Many solo founders are “bootstrapped”, meaning they have no investors involved and finance their company from their own income and savings. This often means that there are fewer resources available to build a business.

Mindset Superpower: Own Capital

Instead of focusing on shortages, successful solo self-employed people know that companies that grow on their own really grow healthily. With just the use of your own capital and resources, you build a sustainably growing company and remain independent. This saves you from external (extra) pressure. Startup founders who are very well financed by investors envy the fact that you can act with substance and integrity instead of striving for growth at any price.

Mindset restriction: Strong competition

Individual entrepreneurs face strong competition from medium-sized and large companies that have significant resources such as large teams and financial resources.

Mindset Superpower: Uniqueness

Solo founders are usually specialists in a field and their individuality allows them to bring absolute uniqueness to their work. In addition, many solo self-employed people cover niches and thus solve problems that larger companies do not focus on.

Mindset restriction: Do everything alone

Setting up a business is a challenge that solo self-employed people (apparently) have to overcome themselves. As a SOLO founder, you usually only have specialist knowledge and skills that you don't (yet) have, such as financial accounting, sales or marketing, you have to take the time to either learn or outsource them.

Mindset Superpower: Network is net worth

Since you are only accountable to yourself, you get the superpower to make quick decisions. This makes you dynamic and agile in running your business. However, as a solo self-employed person, you don't have to be on your own. There is a very high number of entrepreneurs who want to network, share experiences and cooperate.

Tip: Join founding communities, such as on Indie Hackers, Slack, Discord, or other platforms. Connect in co-working spaces. This gives you a deeper insight into the challenges faced by other solo founders and how they deal with unique challenges every day.

There are many good reasons for starting a sole proprietorship: It is the most popular entry into self-employment with the promise of independence and unlimited opportunities to make your own talents successful. Unfortunately, it is sole proprietorships that cease their activities most frequently. High burdens, pressure, administrative burdens or dissatisfaction with the income earned are common factors.

That's where Numarics comes in. We want your company to have real opportunities for long-term success. Individual entrepreneurs usually do not start their business and then give it up again. But even with “careful reasons”, in which you start your business as a side job for the time being, the pressure from constantly providing receipts, figures, documents and meeting deadlines for the authorities (such as taxes) is enormous. These are just a few of the hurdles we're removing.

Our technologies developed by economic and financial experts, combined in the Numarics Operating System, in conjunction with our business consulting, which is available on your mobile phone like a concierge service, make starting and running a sole proprietorship easier than ever.

This gives you a decisive advantage right from the start: Free time and mind for your ideas and core business. Numarics as a solution for entrepreneurs is novel worldwide and fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Dive into the next evolutionary stage of entrepreneurship — you do your business, Numarics does the rest.

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