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The impact of inflation on Swiss start-ups


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In recent months, we have seen a steady rise in inflation rates, which poses a number of challenges for both established companies and young entrepreneurs. But what does this development mean in practice and how can aspiring entrepreneurs navigate these turbulent times successfully?

Inflation in Switzerland: What is rising and why?

A complex interplay of various factors determines the current inflation situation in Switzerland. On the one hand, global events such as trade conflicts and geopolitical uncertainties influence prices. On the other hand, there are local factors such as changes in fiscal policy and the labor market. This combination results in rising costs for raw materials, energy and services, which has a direct impact on companies' living costs and operating costs.

Consequences for young founders

For young entrepreneurs, rising inflation means one thing in particular: growing challenges in setting up and growing their companies. From higher costs for materials and services to difficult access to capital — the hurdles are manifold. Especially in the initial phase, when the budget is often tight, these additional costs can make the difference between success or failure.

Strategies for starting up companies in times of inflation

1. Cost awareness: A close eye on spending is crucial. Efficient budget planning and cost control are essential. Young founders should try to avoid unnecessary spending and invest in efficient technologies and processes.

2. Flexible pricing: In times of inflation, flexible pricing is important. Founders should be prepared to adjust their prices to offset increased costs without losing customers.

3. Diversify revenue streams: Being dependent on a single source of income can involve risks. It is advisable to create various sources of income and adapt the business model accordingly.

4. Innovative solutions: Creativity and innovation can help to reduce costs and open up new markets. Young entrepreneurs should be open to new ideas and business models that can also exist in an inflationary environment.

5. Networking: One strong network can be a valuable resource in difficult times. Key insights and support can be gained through relationships with other entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors.


Inflation in Switzerland presents young entrepreneurs with new challenges, but also offers opportunities for those who are prepared to adapt and think innovatively. With careful planning, flexible strategies and an open eye for new opportunities, company founders can not only survive a difficult economic environment, but also be successful. The secret lies in being proactive, managing risks carefully, and taking advantage of opportunities that arise.

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