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Start-ups in Switzerland in 2020 by canton

Start-ups in Switzerland in 2020 by canton

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Entrepreneurship in Switzerland continued to show dynamic development in 2020, despite the global challenges that characterized the year. A detailed review of start-ups by canton provides interesting insights into regional economic strength and entrepreneurial spirit in Switzerland. The figures speak for themselves and show a picture of diversity and economic growth across the country.

A pan-Swiss perspective

A total of 40,188 new companies were founded in Switzerland in 2020. This large number of new companies is a barometer of corporate culture in Switzerland and signals a willingness to enter the market.

neue Unternehmen im jahr 2020
Unternehmen nach Kantonen 2020

The leaders

The Canton of Zurich tops the list with an impressive number of 7,391 new companies, which represents 18.4% of the total number. This underlines Zurich's role as the economic heart of Switzerland with a thriving start-up ecosystem and a strong appeal for entrepreneurs from various industries.

Zurich is closely followed by the Canton of Vaud, which accounts for a significant share of 4,416 start-ups or 11% of companies, underlining the canton's continued efforts to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Canton of Geneva is also far ahead with 3,094 new start-ups or 7.7%. This reflects Geneva's international orientation and strategic importance as a financial and trade center.

Mittelfeld and other notable cantons

With 3,604 start-ups and a 9% share of all start-ups, Bern is another strong player in the Swiss start-up landscape. This shows the economic strength of the region and the diversity of local industries.

Cantons such as Aargau with 2,161 (5.4%), Basel-Stadt with 1,124 (2.8%) and Tessin with 2,450 (6.1%) are in the middle of the pack. These figures represent a healthy distribution of start-ups across Switzerland, which benefit from local economic development programs and strong regional networks.

The role of smaller cantons

Smaller cantons such as Jura with 250 or Glarus with 158 start-ups also contribute to diversity and regional growth. Although their share of the total number of start-ups is lower, they play a crucial role in maintaining economic vitality and creating jobs in their respective regions.

Unternehmen nach Kantonen 2020


The figures on company start-ups in Switzerland in 2020 by canton show that Switzerland has a robust and diverse economy that offers space for new business ideas even in challenging times. The data suggest that Switzerland remains a stable founding country and an attractive location for new companies despite global uncertainties.

The differences between the cantons are due to the different economic priorities, ranging from financial services and high-tech in Zurich and Geneva to trade and traditional industry in the smaller cantons. This diversity is one of the strengths of the Swiss economy, which enables it to react flexibly to changes and adapt quickly to new trends and technologies.

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