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QR invoices? Now available free of charge with the Invoice Generator by Numarics


Streamline your finances with Numarics' AI-powered solution

Anyone who issues invoices in Switzerland must provide a QR payment part from September 30, 2022. This replaces the previous payment slip or upgrades it with a QR code for faster and secure payment processing.


Numarics now creates QR-invoices automatically in the invoice generator via mobile app or on the desktop. Completely free of charge.


Numarics provides the feature for creating and validating the QR-bill to all Swiss entrepreneurs free of charge. Numarics users who already create their invoices with Numarics don't have to worry about anything. This will update the seamless accounts receivable management via Numarics to the latest Swiss standard.


A Swiss QR generator has been integrated into invoicing with Numarics. The heart of the QR payment section, the Swiss QR Code, is thus created automatically. This contains all payment information encoded.


The payment information encoded by QR can be seen in the visible part of the QR payment part of the invoice.


What is new is the QR IBAN, which, in combination with the QR reference (QRR), replaces the old ESR (payment slip with reference number). You can obtain the QR-IBAN from your bank upon request. You can recognize the QR IBAN by the fact that the fifth digit is 3.


The switch to the QR-bill enables the invoice recipient to automate the allocation and verification of the invoice. The bill recipient can still pay at the counter. The post offices have already been equipped with QR scanners for this purpose.


Electronic payments via online banking eliminate the hassle of typing for your customers. Instead, the QR number part is scanned with a smartphone or PC camera. To this end, banks have equipped their mobile banking apps with a scan function via a smartphone camera. After scanning, the payer briefly checks the data and approves the payment.


QR invoices are therefore another step towards the future, in which we use technology for security and automation. At Numarics, the transition will be seamless for you as an entrepreneur. So you can fully enjoy the benefits of the upcoming QR-bill!

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