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What Is A Business Operating System (OS)?

Business Operating System

Streamline your finances with Numarics' AI-powered solution

Why Numarics is developing an OS instead of software and why it's the future of entrepreneurship

Success in business is achieved through efficient workflows in administration. This applies to every company, regardless of size or industry.

The artist entrepreneur who has set up his own business with the finest craftsmanship needs time to implement visionary design. To be profitable, quotations and invoices must be written, and the bookkeeping must be kept clean. If these administrative tasks take up too much time, the artisan can devote far less to his actual work.

In a medium-sized company, the administrative tasks become even more immense. Every department and every employee must report, have authorized expenditures and document expenses.

In order to be able to manage the administrative tasks at all, larger companies constantly research the market for software and then implement and connect a wide variety of software from different providers in order to recreate a business operating system. Unfortunately, this involves a great deal of effort, the integration of the various software offers challenges and training must be provided for each software.

If the artisan is already frustrated with the administration, the medium-sized company, despite great resources, also has no satisfactory solution at its disposal.

The problem lies with a misconception in the first approach to finding a solution.

Established companies have been dealing with digitization for years, trying to turn paper into pixels. In the process, word processing, spreadsheets and e-mail traffic are transferred to software solutions or executed directly there - still manually, with human errors and in isolated settings.

Yet technology can automate the entire business management value chain by itself - in real time - creating valuable actual information and forecasts.

That is the mission of Numarics. At Numarics, we build a business operating system that thinks in processes instead of software solutions. Within Numarics OS, renowned finance and business experts implement processes as executions with artificial intelligence, which are then simply done by themselves in the background.

An example: a client meeting at a restaurant, which is a business expense with an entertainment receipt was paid with the bank card.

Numarics as OS automatically recognizes the expense as hospitality simultaneously with the bank debit. The entrepreneur scans the paper receipt directly in the restaurant using the Numarics app. Numarics assigns the receipt to the expense, books it as an entertainment expense in the entrepreneur's accounting and stores the paper receipt digitally in the Numarics DocuBox in a legally secure way, so that the physical receipt can also be lost from now on.

Another example: A startup hires its first employees. The employee data is entered once at Numarics and the salary payment and payroll accounting are automated. Once a year, tax reporting for payroll is due, but the startup founders don't have to think about that. Numarics automates the tax reporting and sends it seamlessly to the responsible social insurance companies and relevant tax authorities. The Numarics OS simply isn't designed to operate in isolation.

A third example: Our artisan uses Numarics' automated quote generator and sends it to the potential client. When the quote is accepted, our artist starts working and sends a preliminary invoice for his services at the push of a button. Numarics recognizes if this has not been paid within the usual two-week period and automatically sends a polite payment reminder.

Do you see the difference between an integrated business operating system and a selection of software used for different administrative areas? Numarics OS fits seamlessly into the lifestyle of today's entrepreneurs. It will give you the edge you need to succeed.

In this world, disjointed business processes are costly. We want to accelerate time to profitability for founders. Entrepreneurs discover out-of-the-box automation opportunities to maximize their ROI. We can proudly say that we increase productivity.

The shift towards process automation enables entrepreneurs to work more strategically. Valuable forecasts are available in real time and so are the business consultants at Numarics, who can be reached for strategic questions at the touch of a button.

We are working on this one-stop-shop solution and we look forward to getting to know you and your business!

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