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The Content Creator Boom: What is the Creator Economy?

Creator Economy

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Content creators are on the rise, creating a class of new, independent businesses in the creative industries - the so-called creator economy, one of the fastest-growing industries today.

Content creators are mostly solopreneurs who develop online content such as authored texts, news(letters), videos, games, or podcasts, mostly published via social media, and monetized via an online fan base.

Referred to as the Creator Economy, new businesses emerge from revenue generated for content created for online platforms such as Twitch, OnlyFans, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Substack, or Lightricks. Content creators are often influencers who are paid by brands to integrate with in their creative concept and online reach. Mainstream social media are currently expanding their tools for revenue opportunities, for example YouTube with "shoppability", which are shopping opportunities in videos.

Alternatively, creator works are financed via the Patreon platform. On Patreon, the content creator can gain subscribers who finance the creator's creative content with monthly membership fees. Patreon is particularly popular in the creator economy as an alternative for placing advertising. This promotes independent, creative or even educational output.

A strong example is Bombard's Body Language, where body language expert Mandy interprets breaking news videos and reveals in an easy-to-understand and exciting way how to interpret body language yourself. Subscribers thus have the opportunity to see a completely different side of politicians, reporters and celebrities. Like most content creators, Mandy has her own opinions, which she is able to express freely on her own channels - despite having to face censorship from the mainstream media.

The absolute, free expression of opinion is probably the biggest trend that the Creator Economy is producing, if you compare it to being an employee in a large corporation, where you have to remain neutral without exception.

The new voices with strong opinions are finding great popularity, including the content creators Diet Prada ™, who find their channel on Instagram. Diet Prada are fashion experts who do not exclusively idolize the fashion gods, but also denounce when the giants of the fashion industry engage in unethical business practices, such as the still common theft of designs by luxury labels. Internal leaks from fashion houses against diversity or even racism are also spread by Diet Prada, forcing the fashion world to change step by step. Diet Prada's income comes from the sale of merchandise, among other income streams.

Many content creators initially start their project as a hobby, alongside a regular job. However, the growing number of revenue streams on the popular platforms allows them to focus one hundred percent on the creator business. Another advantage is that entering the creator economy usually requires little investment capital.

Our goal at Numarics is to help content creators make money from their original work. Often, content creators have the potential to start businesses that go far beyond the "digital billboard" business model.

As a business operating system, Numarics seamlessly handles the business management portion required to run a business, regardless of size. It allows our content creators to take their creator business to the next level.

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