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Become a fiduciary consultant: The key qualifications for a successful career in the fiduciary sector

Fiduciary consultant

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Education and Training

As a fiduciary consultant in Switzerland, you already enjoyed mathematics when you were at school and you love networking and analytical thinking. Ideally, you will complete an apprenticeship as a clerk (KV) EFZ-Treuhand/Immobilien. If you complete your vocational baccalaureate at the same time, you will also receive the green card for further training at a university of applied sciences. The Swiss Fiduciary Association "Treuhand Suisse" stands for professional competence, quality and trustworthiness. Members such as Numarics AG stand as a seal of quality from Treuhand Suisse. Treuhand Suisse has its own training institute and is involved in other schools or works closely with them. Of course, there are various private training institutes for a wide range of further training opportunities in the fiduciary areas of accounting, taxes, value added tax, management and business consulting, auditing, real estate as well as HR & Payroll. The fiduciary industry is characterized by broad and deep specialist skills and constant changes. Knowledge must be continuously kept up to date and expanded. That means «lifelong learning is key».

Build and maintain trusting relationships

The fiduciary industry maintains a legal and financial relationship with individuals and entities. The trustee performs on behalf of another person or organization (the trustor) its obligations such as bookkeeping, filing VAT, paying taxes, conducting audits, as well as human resource and payroll tasks. The trustee has a duty to act in the best interests of the trustor and to comply with their instructions or agreements. Licenses or certifications are required for certain tasks. As a fiduciary consultant, you have access to other people's sensitive information and assets. It's important to stay ethical and build trust. A responsible and professional way of working is essential.

Looking after and advising customers also brings a lot of variety with traveling or working on site with customers.

The personality of a fiduciary consultant

Ideally, you enjoy working with people from a wide variety of industries and companies, from start-ups to medium-sized companies. The contact persons can be the owners, managing directors, employees from the areas of finance, HR or administration. That's why you can communicate with different people at eye level, quickly grasp the concerns, analyze the needs and the necessary steps to a professional solution in a high quality and attention to detail.

The exchange between the various specialists supports continuous personal and professional development. It is therefore important for fiduciaries to exchange ideas with other experts within and outside of the teams in order to find suitable solutions for the customers from different perspectives.

Working methods

Companies are subject to regulatory requirements. Meeting deadlines is key, among other things. Transparent and timely information about the economic starting point of an organization is also extremely important for companies to manage their business. Forward-looking resource planning, setting priorities correctly and a high degree of flexibility are extremely important for trustees. A high level of technological affinity is also a must in order to keep up with the constant need for digitization. Automated processes increase the time for data analysis and forward-looking advice for customers.

The seven tips and strategies to become a fiduciary consultant

  1. Proactive personality who enjoys interacting with diverse personalities from all sectors and company sizes
  1. Enjoy working with numbers, networked thinking and acting
  1. Attention to detail and accuracy without getting lost in the details
  1. High ability to concentrate
  1. Capture priorities effectively to deliver on time
  1. Committed continuous learning through experience and in exchange with others
  1. Enjoyment of technological development as well as digital processes

As a fiduciary consultant, it is important to build and maintain good customer relationships. Be professional, reliable and communicate clearly with your customers. Understand their needs and find tailor-made solutions for them. With excellent service and customer satisfaction, you can build long-term relationships and generate referrals.

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