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What is Numarics?

Numarics is a leading fintech startup that specializes in fiduciary services such as accounting, tax advice, auditing and payroll. The company offers a unique combination of its own SaaS solution, custom AI models, and expert human oversight.

What services does Numarics offer?

Numarics offers services in the areas of accounting, quotation and invoicing, document storage, CRM, product and service catalog, bank connection, tax advice, auditing and payroll. The business administration solutions can all be used via a desktop and mobile app.

How does Numarics ensure data security?

Numarics places great value on data protection and compliance. All processes are managed internally and the data never leaves Numarics servers.

How easy to use is the Numarics platform?

The Numarics platform is known for its intuitive user experience and is reminiscent of the user experience of well-known ecosystems.

What makes Numarics different from other providers?

Numarics stands out due to its combination of AI-powered solutions, SaaS platform and expert knowledge, which offers unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in fiduciary service. Numarics also combines all components of company management in one app. There is therefore no need for additional software or external trustees.

Is Numarics suitable for international customers?

Numarics is tailored to the Swiss market and can be used by companies that are registered in Switzerland.

Does Numarics offer personalized solutions?

Yes, Numarics offers custom solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each company. For a non-binding, virtual consultation, you can make an appointment here.

Who are Numarics services for?

Numarics is aimed primarily at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and self-employed people who want to be a step ahead in the digital economy.

Does Numarics offer a mobile solution?

Yes, Numarics offers a platform that is available on web and mobile devices to ensure a seamless experience across all devices.

How are financial performance indicators (KPIs) presented on Numarics?

Numarics offers dashboard KPIs that display financial performance indicators with explanations, calculation formulas, and interpretations of results directly on the dashboard.

How is Numarics adapting to regulatory changes?

Numarics is always up to date with regulatory changes and adapts its services accordingly to remain agile, responsive, and compliant.

How are documents managed on the Numarics platform?

Numarics offers an intelligent, unlimited document management system, the DocuBox, which enables seamless storage, sorting, and retrieval of documents.

How does Numarics help with tax matters?

Numarics provides expert advice and assistance on tax issues, including tax returns and tax planning.

How does Numarics help with invoicing?

Numarics makes invoicing easier by creating, sending, and tracking invoices from templates in the app.

How does Numarics help companies make decisions?

Numarics uses AI-powered dashboards and real-time insights to help companies make informed decisions quickly.

How can I sign up for Numarics?

Interested parties can sign up directly via the Numarics website or contact the customer support team for more information.

Can Numarics help with payroll?

Yes, Numarics offers comprehensive payroll services as part of its fiduciary services.

How does Numarics help with accounting?

Numarics provides comprehensive accounting services backed by AI-driven insights and expert knowledge.

How does Numarics pricing work?

Numarics offers tiered pricing models focused on business growth and additional services to support companies at every stage. Find out more about packages and prices here.

How is banking functions integrated at Numarics?

Numarics seamlessly integrates banking functions into its platform to enable centralized management of financial transactions and ensure up-to-date booking reconciliations.

Can I manage all my bank accounts with Numarics?

Yes, Numarics' multi-banking integration makes it possible to manage all bank accounts from a single dashboard.

Can Numarics help my company with audits?

Yes, Numarics offers audit services carried out by its own team of experts.

What type of customer support does Numarics provide?

Numarics provides fast, expert-based customer support, made possible by both AI customer support and expert advice (depending on the package).

What if I don't like Numarics?

If you don't like Numarics, you can cancel your subscription monthly with a notice period of one month.

Is there a free trial of Numarics?

The app can be viewed and tested as a demo free of charge and without depositing a credit card.

Does Numarics provide training or tutorials?

Yes, Numarics offers interactive tutorials and an extensive knowledge base to help customers use the platform. Here You will be taken to the app's explanatory videos.

Does Numarics also offer one-time services?

Yes, Numarics also offers one-time services such as financial statements and VAT returns. More information can be found here.

Does Numarics also offer advice for specific industries?

Yes, Numarics offers industry-specific solutions and adapts its services to the requirements of various industries.

How can I provide feedback about Numarics?

Users can provide feedback directly via the platform or contact the customer support team. Numarics highly values customer feedback and uses it to continuously improve its services.

How can I find a document in DocuBox?

Full text search makes it easier than ever for users to find the document they're looking for by searching for a text or number anywhere in the document, regardless of format (including images and scans).

How does Numarics handle updates?

Numarics regularly updates the platform and informs users about new features and improvements.

What kind of information can I get in the DocuBox area?

Documents can be quickly scanned or uploaded. From here, you can quickly access all documents in the Inbox, Reposted, Archive, and Recycle Bin folders.

Is Numarics available in my region?

Numarics is available to all companies registered in Switzerland.

What can I see in the billing sections?

The total amount of invoices per month is shown here. In addition, it is possible to see which invoices have already been paid and which invoices are still outstanding or past due.

What is DocuBox?

The docuBox is a document management system that is connected to the entire Numarics ecosystem and that customers and their trustees can access for booking purposes.

What is the dashboard and what information can I find there?

The company dashboard is the first thing you see when you sign in to a business area. It shows the user's photo and, depending on the selected module, various information and quick actions. This includes information about the DocuBox, financial KPIs that help to understand the financial situation, profit and loss statements, balance sheet reports, and billing charts. By clicking on the individual reports, their details are displayed.

What information can I gain from financial KPIs?

In this area, various financial KPIs can be followed, such as working capital ratio, debt to equity, net profit margin, and many others. There is further information about each key figure, such as what this key figure means, how it is calculated and what this information means for the company. This can help ensure that well-founded business decisions can be made based on thorough analysis.

What is shown in the balance sheet report?

The date of the balance sheet report is set to the current date, but can be changed. You can see a breakdown of assets and liabilities.

Assets: Current & Fixed Assets

Liabilities: Short-term liabilities and long-term liabilities



To download the balance report to your device, please click on the “Download” button.

What does DocuBox do?

The DocuBox allows users on both sides (customers via the customer application and trustees via the Numarics Engine — the internal back-office application) to manage, upload, rename, and tag documents, completely eliminating the need to store documents in another document management system, both for personal use and for accounting, tax filing, etc.

What can I see in the profit and loss statement?

The financial year of the profit and loss statement is the current fiscal year, but can be changed. The results of the income statement per month (or quarter) in the selected fiscal year (profit or loss) are displayed. You can see the total income and expenditure as well as the result (profit or loss amount) in the selected financial year. If this information is available, the percentage change compared to the same period of the previous fiscal year is also shown. You can download the profit and loss statement to your device using the “Download” button.

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