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Track incoming and outgoing payments

We don’t do things by halves. With Numarics, every financial transaction—incoming or outgoing—is perfectly synchronized in a single platform, ensuring seamless banking integration and precision for professional accountancy.

The financial Hub

Everything on track

Your bank accounts simply connected

Connect effortlessly via bLink or EBICS for straightforward financial management. Maintain control, save time, and focus on essential tasks. With Numarics Platform, streamline your accounting workflow and concentrate on what truly matters.

Finances under control

Master Transactions and Reconcile Bookings

It's like having a personal accounting assistant to help you oversee and regulate your financial flows. With Numarics Platform, Monitoring and Managing Your Clients' Finances Becomes Effortless and Precise.

Stay informed

Account Balance and Cash Flow at Your Fingertips

Always monitor your clients' finances with ease. Instant access to account balances and cash flows puts precise control in your hands, enabling you to manage financial health efficiently.

Double the security

With two-factor authentication

It's like having a vigilant guardian for your clients' finances, securing access to their critical financial data. Rest easy knowing that the financial information you manage is well-protected.

Stay informed

Link UBS documents

Exclusively for UBS customers: Seamlessly integrate all your bank documents into Numarics and access them directly from the app. Streamline document management for efficient financial oversight.

Bank Transactions

Booking bank transactions

Effortlessly book bank transactions by automatically matching them with existing records, integrating seamlessly with your documents and bank connections


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A comprehensive ecosystem to streamline financial management and customer services.

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