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Automised booking


Streamline your booking process with intelligent booking predictions that leverage your company's past booking behavior for enhanced accuracy and efficiency.

Mobile report journal


Maintain accurate and up-to-date records effortlessly with our financial journal where you can directly perform bookings and manage your bookings in one central place.

Seamless Financial Insights

Profit and loss

Gain clear insights into your business’s financial performance with our Profit and Loss report, which provides a detailed summary of your revenues, costs, and expenses over a specified period.

balance sheet

Balance sheet

Manage account ledgers seamlessly – from basic entries to detailed transaction records. This ensures you have complete and accurate financial data at your fingertips, while maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information.

Account ledger

Account ledger

Maintain detailed and organized records of all your financial transactions with our Account Ledger report, ensuring transparency and accuracy across all booking accounts

Effortless VAT Reporting

VAT report

Streamline your tax process with automatically generated tax forms, accurately compiled from your system's bookings, saving you time and ensuring compliance


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A comprehensive ecosystem to streamline financial management and customer services.

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