Complete Accounting from a Single Source

Our all-in-one ecosystem connects all aspects of business management. So you always have all the information at your fingertips —at any time, anywhere and up to date.

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Numarics app dashboardNumarics app dashboard

The Swiss Army Knife for your success

Platform Module


Clear charts, shortcuts to important functions and KPIs to see how the business is doing.


Document Management

Experience the security of never misplacing a crucial business document again.


Quotes and invoices

Use the app to create quotes, convert them to invoices and track outstanding payments.


Bank Integration

Link bank accounts, track transactions in real time, reconcile bookings and keep an eye on cash flow.



Digitally record and manage contacts, products and services with all their attributes.


Additional Features

Choose dark or light mode, set language and security levels, and request help.

Comming soon

Digital Mailbox Integration

No more paperwork from physical letters with your digitized mailbox.

Comming soon


Generate payslips, deliver them to employees and send documents to insurance companies on time.

Comming soon


Go paperless, reconcile transactions in-app and get all the official documents you need.


Smart technology for smart decisions

Trend spotting and decision making

Our AI doesn't just understand data, it predicts what's next. Whether it's market movements, what your customers might want, or spotting problems before they happen, our system keeps you ahead of the game.

Data Wizardry

Our machine learning is like a data detective. It sifts through all kinds of information - even the messy, unstructured kind - to find exactly what you need, from key facts in documents to understanding what your customers really think.

Risk Watching

Think of our system as your financial watchdog. It constantly monitors trends and data to sniff out risks or anomalies, protecting you from surprise.

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Security is a big deal

With Numarics, you get a system that's not only powerful and intelligent, but also secure and adaptable to your needs and market changes. We're here to make sure you stay ahead of the game.

Data safety

Your data is always encrypted and stays here in Switzerland. It's as if your data is in a high-security vault.

Backup brilliance

We regularly back up your data to multiple secure locations in Switzerland, so it's always safe.

Secure delivery

When your data is on the move, we pack it in a digital armoured truck. Our secure protocols mean that your data is always protected, from start to finish.

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Why Numarics?Numarics?

Imagine doing your administrative tasks from anywhere and anytime — in a café, on the sofa, between meetings. We make it possible. Because with us, you have everything you need in your pocket: contacts, products, services and even creating and sending quotes and invoices. All digital, all mobile. That is business as it should be: convenient, flexible, anytime and anywhere. Try it out and see how relaxed business can be!


3'500+ Unternehmen vertrauen uns

Dank den Services von Numarics bleibt uns mehr Zeit, um uns auf unser Kerngeschäft zu fokussieren. Das Accounting sowie die Erstellung von Halbjahres- und Jahresabschlüssen erfolgen jeweils zeitnah und mit minimalem Aufwand unsererseits.

Nicola Plain


Wir sind froh, Numarics als Treuhänder und Buchhalter zu haben. Sie sind ein dynamisches, agiles Unternehmen mit tollen Kundenlösungen. Wir sehen sie als unseren zukünftigen Partner für alle Herausforderungen!

Melanie Bachmann

Managing Director,
MHC Life Science Solutions GmbH

Wir sind unglaublich dankbar, dass wir Numarics als unsere Treuhandfirma für unser Restaurant gewählt haben. Ihr professionelles und kompetentes Team hat uns dabei unterstützt, unsere Buchhaltung und Finanzen effizient zu verwalten und sie geben und das Vertrauen, dass unser Restaurant in den besten Händen ist.

Rosa Dede

Managing Director,