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Why We Need To Find Alternatives For Thermal Paper Sales Slips

Alternatives For Thermal Paper

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We all have to deal with paper receipts all the time. With every purchase, it's an annoying item that we either dispose of directly, or crumple up and put in our pocket to claim later as an expense for our business - so the big search starts to find the sales slip again. Entrepreneurs who have to hand out receipts as part of their business are equally frustrated by the mountains of slips. Most of their customers just leave the receipt in the store and don't need it. Yet store owners have the power to fight the battle against sales slips made of environmentally harmful thermal paper...

The Storage Obligation

Founders in particular must first get used to paying attention to sales slips. As receipts for expenditures, for example when shopping at the supermarket for a team celebration, when purchasing printer cartridges at a specialty store or as an entertainment receipt for a customer appointment at a restaurant, they must be sorted by date and archived for 10 years in Switzerland. So much care for a single sales slip is an enormous amount of work!

What's more, very soon founders find out that the color on sales slips fades extremely quickly. This is where the Numarics app comes in. By scanning the receipt directly via your cell phone and storing it in the app, storage is digitally secured in such a way that the receipt can be thrown away directly. But beware! Unfortunately, the receipt does not belong in the paper recycling bin!

With the Numarics app, you reach for your smartphone directly in the store when purchasing materials. You scan the sales slip, and thanks to artificial intelligence, the app recognizes the data relevant for accounting. Then, Numarics' FinTech classifies the expense appropriately in your accounting. At the same time, the receipt is stored in the DocuBox, your digital document repository, and is available to you digitally at any time.

Environmental Sin Thermal Paper

The reason why the color fades quickly is that the sales slip is printed on thermal paper. This is supposed to save toner. It is a chemical coating that makes the receipt unsuitable for recycling. The receipt must therefore be disposed of in the residual waste. Furthermore, there are still sales slips with bisphenol A coating in circulation, which are confirmed to be highly toxic if they come into contact with people - as is the case. The receipt is therefore a real environmental sin and can even become a direct health threat.

New Alternative: The Blue Receipt

It's only been a little over a year that the blue receipt has been very slowly making its way onto the market in Europe. It is a recyclable alternative that - shockingly - is considered non-toxic for the first time. Until now, sales slips were not allowed to come into contact with food, for example. Currently predominantly found in organic food stores, the environmentally friendly choice can be recognized by its gray-blue color, which is due to the new process used for thermal printing. The feel is quite different, and the slip finds its way into the recyclable paper for recycling after being scanned with the Numarics app.

We recommend entrepreneurs who issue sales slips in their daily business to choose the new blue sales slips as an alternative.

Electronic Receipts

Another option is electronic receipts, where the store owner offers the option to send the receipt via email or upload it to the store's app in the customer login. This can then be pulled directly into Numarics DocuBox as a digital file and accounted for. This a 100% digital solution is the best option.

We recommend that business owners consider this solution as of 2022. Customer loyalty can be extremely strengthened if electronic sales slips are a reason for customers to create a customer account. Alternatively, it should also be possible to send slips via email if customers do not want to submit private data.

The Numarics app processes sales slips or electronic receipts automatically. This means that the VAT shown on the receipt is also processed correctly and taken into account properly in the next VAT report. The expense itself is also booked appropriately. You get an immediate overview of your cash flow. All this happens directly after you have scanned the receipt and your entry has been matched with your business bank account or credit card statement.

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