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Holiday greetings for customers, network and team in Switzerland

Holiday greetings

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Have you had this experience too? The fourth and thus last quarter of the year is the most productive and hectic time for creators and entrepreneurs. After the summer break and a ramp-up, things get into full swing from October to December. The home stretch is the holidays, which then feel like an abrupt break. You don't hear from customers, the team or the network again until the new year.

We are in the final spurt of 2022 and it is important to accomplish what has been set for this year. Despite all the honorable focus and ambition, we should not forget that customer loyalty, team and network care are also parts of entrepreneurial work and should not be neglected. On the contrary, the end of the year is exactly the right time for gestures of appreciation.

So we want to remind you to plan your holiday greetings or Christmas parties with your team now. To get you in the mood, here are our ideas for holiday greetings for your Swiss customers, network and team:

Christmas Cards Written By A Robot

Handwritten holiday cards demonstrate appreciation especially well to customers and the network. The good news is that the time-consuming process is now eliminated with a solution from Swiss Post. It now has a Robopen that does the writing for you. The Robopen can imitate your handwriting and use a ballpoint pen, fountain pen or special pens to create personalized content, which Swiss Post then sends right away. 100% digital and automated - just what we need to get it all done now. Scan or upload the invoice via the Numarics app to have the holiday greetings billed as a marketing expense.

Practical Employee Gifts

Popular employee gifts in Switzerland are freeway vignettes or the half-day travel pass, which are fully tax deductible. Expenses for recognition of hard work can be taken into account for tax purposes to a large extent and can thus reduce your profit taxes. These are expenses for what is known as employee welfare. Simply upload invoices via the Numarics app and have them taken into account. Memberships as employee gifts are also popular, for example with the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, which can be used to secure your future. The same applies to memberships as patrons of Rega.

The Christmas Party

If you work in a team, then a Christmas party is practically mandatory. As an unwritten law, it must take place so that the team can release all the tension that accumulates in the year-end stress. As a company party, it can be taken into account for tax purposes and thus reduce your profit taxes. You celebrate 100% in the interest of the company and with this information you can plan the party more carefree. Whether you hold the party in an external location or in your own office, the expenses for mulled wine, punch and raclette under the Christmas tree are deductible. Simply scan receipts and upload them to the Numarics app and tag them "Christmas Party." Our operations team of Swiss accountants will then know how to post the receipts correctly for you.

Enjoy planning the beautiful activities for the end of the year!!!

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