Numarics Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung

Additional features

User-friendly and secure

Our app adapts to your style.

As Individual as Your Clients

Flexible team management

Full control over access rights

Define access rights for each team member individually – from basic insight to full editing rights. This ensures that everyone has exactly the information and tools they need for their role, while protecting sensitive data.

All in one app

Efficient multi-company coordination

Multiple companies? No problem. With Numarics, you can manage multiple companies in one application. Whether it's a startup, a sideline or your main business, you can easily switch between your companies without losing your head.

Personalize your platform

Choose between dark and light mode

Are you a night owl who prefers a dark and relaxing view for your eyes, or do you prefer the light mode for sun worshippers? The app adapts to your style and enhances your user experience.

Language diversity

Available in English, French and German

Because business knows no boundaries, we speak your language – whether it's English, French or German.

Maximum security

Maximum security: Biometric login and two-factor authentication

Protect your data with advanced security features such as biometric login and two-factor authentication. This double layer of protection gives you the highest level of security so you don't have to worry about your sensitive financial information.

Fast support

Within 5 minutes during business hours

Get fast, efficient help when you need it. We make sure you never have to wait long for solutions and that your business keeps running smoothly.


Weitere Plattformmodule erkunden

Ein umfassendes Ökosystem zur Rationalisierung des Finanzmanagements und der Kundendienste.


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